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Hear a funny curse word or phrase? Meal planners are a great way to save money planning daily meals for your family or even a great weight loss tool to keep track of healthy eating and caloric intake. Track your work hours and keep up with how much time you’re spending on the job. Track the documentaries you want to watch or your favorites you have watched… FYI Netflix is full of them!

Write down any doctor, police or emergency numbers, and keep them in one place. Print out a few pages for a bullet journal test trial! Get clarity on what you should be shooting for the current year by writing down your goals.

If I have the time, I like to make small doodles and cut them out to keep a small collection I can then paste into any given bullet journal page if it fits the theme.

What would you want to see or do? Amazing. According to your lifestyle and current needs, you create such useful pages like bullet journal birthday spread or budget template or not so useful (but creative) layouts like washi tape swatches. One of the basic types of bullet journal page ideas you can do is an agenda page. I could just look at the picture at the beginning of this post.

More creative time is one of my development goals for 2019. Make a spread with some of your favorites! Top Gift Ideas For Her That’ll Make Her Lose Her Mind!

Thank you!

Read more about zone cleaning or grab a zone cleaning checklist here. Also, I like to cook with seasonal fruit and veggies and write down meals according to season. Get a realistic feedback by using a food log. Don’t just listen to good advice you’re given, write it all down in one place! Track all 365 days in one spread with certain colors representing your mood or the temperature outside.

Are you looking for bullet journal page ideas that will inspire you to organize and live your best life? So that you are prepared for your period – If you know when to expect your period, you can carry your pad along with you. This is so complete and inspirational.Thank you for all those detailed items.

Some of us have drawers full of washi tape but we always have room for more. If you’re a pro football fan, you love draft day! A planner pouch is great for when you are traveling or even just to keep your planner handy in your handbag.

Thank you for your time and talent! Jot down video games you’ve bought and record when you play them. You can check your accounts online, or go from memory and reconcile at the end of the month.

This is a fantastic setup for a plethora of ideas! I guess I’ve said enough already. Write down the last time you talked to your friends and make sure not to let too much time pass until the next time. Draft an evacuation plan for your family in the event of a natural disaster. Use a gift tracker to keep up with Christmas gifts and the amount you’ve spent on each person. Certain songs are very meaningful and their lyrics can be used as the focus of a spread. Divide your page up into a calendar and challenge yourself to draw one doodle each day of the month! Hopefully these bullet journal page ideas inspired you to get started creating your own BUJO spreads. Morning everyone! She is the REAL DEAL guys. Here are more ideas for the Key, Symbol, Legend Page (whatever you want to call it): At first, you may think that an Index Page looks like just a Key Page, but, think again. Author Ryder Carroll explains the method so this is a great book that every journaler should have on their bookshelf.

Stuck what to make for your potluck?

The format can be plain and simple – purely notes, a date and a few lines to separate your thoughts. Or make a spread like “I Love You” in 30 languages. I absolutely love all the hard work that you have poured into this site. This ink is waterproof and doesn’t bleed through any of the paper I have ever used.

If you don’t yet want to invest in a notebook, but want to try it out, I have some FREE bullet journal dot grid paper I created exactly for that.

?” Most of the time, I’ll look up the ingredient, but this spread would make for a cool informational reference that shows new ingredients and where to buy them.

(and does yours involve cleaning as much as mine does?) Writing down goals is your first step to achieving them! Write down when you complete each day and how you felt after each run. Well it doesn’t have to feel that way, if you know how to strategize. Go ahead and add any suggestions I missed!

| Supplies: ▪️Notebook: @janesagenda ▪️Cover: @dokibooks ▪️Colors: Crayola Supertips & @tombowusa Dual Brush (mint green 243) ▪️Fineliner: @staedtlermars Pigment Liners . It will help you stay motivated. Now, if you’re here and you don’t quite know how to start a bullet journal, learn all about it here in this ultimate guide. . Before your month begins, review your calendar and write down any important events and dates coming up and what you need to do to plan for them. If there’s a morning routine, of course there’s an evening routine! Here is where this folding ruler comes in handy! But who do you trust? Things before 20 (or 30 or 40 etc) bucket list. You can even take it a step further and write down any test results or doctor’s advice. Who knew this could be an idea! Looking forward to making some of these ideas happen for my journal. Leave it in the comments below! You can’t go wrong there . You choose whether it’s really artistic and full of colors, or just plain and simple, or something in between.

Simply amazing! Habit trackers are a great way to make sure you’re forming great new habits and getting rid of old ones while staying on track with your daily activities. Bullet Journal Stencil sets are an easy way to make pages and spreads look amazing. It’s also a lot easier to create a bullet journal key for it too. Finally, every bullet journal entry is 100% fitted to you, your lifestyle and personality. Make a list of lunch ideas and reference it when you’re meal prepping for the week. It helps to track all of them in one spot and add any new ones that are just announced. Rate the difficulty, how you felt, who you hiked with, and the views.

. You almost want to grab a cupcake and eat it! Draw the lunar phases for the month. Track symptoms and reactions/allergies to certain medicines. Are you ever in charge of planning or helping to plan an event? Washi tape rolls also make great stocking stuffer because they are inexpensive and come in so many designs. I might have several from this list to try in my current and/or next one. Then whatever plans you make every year should be aligned to your life’s values and to your long term endeavors. Finally, every bullet journal entry is 100% fitted to you, your lifestyle and personality. List any new skills you want to learn. This is a weekly spread that I wouldn’t mind going back to and re-reading long after the to-do list on it was done, it’s just THAT pretty. Yeah, me neither.

Try including all your pharmacy visits too! Think Washi Tape, Stencils, bullet journal stickers and more. Write down what you’re grateful for and you’ll realize how blessed you actually are! Proves to be time consuming and sometimes annoying.

Make a list of new traditions to spice up your upcoming holiday season. Yup, this is the post to bookmark for easy access. I think she deserves it after posting this amazing square #tracker. Great blog post with awesome spread ideas. Create a spread with them and make it a point to visit new restaurants when you can! Keep track of all your weekly tasks with a weekly spread. I have used several of your layouts and have learned so much already from you.

Make this list and take the time to check out what you really want to buy. For example, one of my favorite bullet journal notebooks has designed a designated place to put your customized symbols, index, and even color-coding. Write down miracles you see (or hear about) that make you have faith in the world.

Don’t forget those critical camping supplies. So everyday, you just have to cook what’s written in your plan. Make a list of when your pets need to go potty, so you can schedule your day efficiently. Test your skills with these career tracker ideas. Thank you for ALL you do!!! If you seriously want to get rid of that excess sugar in your diet, but it’s taking you more effort to do it than the rest of your habits, you can add a page just for it. And I saw that it can provide a great summary of the lecture. Draw the dots and their corresponding letters!

This is such a creative idea and I had to feature it in this list. Make a list of the games you can play as a family and keep ‘em busy! It can be the hardest thing you’ve ever done – a lack of motivation and commitment makes it tremendously difficult. With lots of colors to choose from, ribbon markets and pockets they are perfect for journals and planners. Another great example of an awesome bullet journal page idea that can work for you (especially if you forget your markers and you’re on the go!). If you’re a comic book lover or Avenger follower, make a spread based around your favorite superheroes. Write down how much caffeine you are drinking daily! If I ever need ideas or inspiration, I know I will find them with you! This will be SO helpful the next year when you’re ready to file again. . Perfect for the student trying to keep track of where they’re spending their precious time (and if they’re getting any sleep). As a simple bullet journal page idea, make a classic list. Keep track of what you put in each stocking stuffer! How to style it is completely up to you. Get creative with an “Intro page” for separate months or sections of your journal. These can be fun hip-hop type dances or ballroom dances for your wedding. Flower bouquets are a great way to liven up any bullet journal page no matter what the theme is. Have a think about themes, color combinations, and passions of the person you are buying for and you can’t go wrong.

Keep all your social accounts and personal-related login details in one place. If not, learn how to create the perfect bullet journal key first to start off on the right foot.

Do you listen to a ton of podcasts?

Keep them all on one page for inspiration when you’re looking for your next project. You’re SO awesome Natasha. Also, you can plan your entire week in advance. Write down what vitamins and supplements you’re taking and when.

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