classical yoga period

Eliot Deutsch (1980), Advaita Vedanta : A Philosophical Reconstruction, University of Hawaii Press. [292], Malaysia's top Islamic body in 2008 passed a fatwa, prohibiting Muslims from practicing yoga, saying it had elements of Hinduism and that its practice was blasphemy, therefore haraam. The 2003 document was published as a 90-page handbook detailing the Vatican's position. Jain spirituality is based on a strict code of nonviolence or ahimsa (which includes vegetarianism), almsgiving (dana), right faith in the three jewels, the practice of austerities (tapas) such as fasting, and yogic practices. Yoga is a practice that has been passed down through thousands of years from ancient civilizations and the original purpose of practicing postures was merely to allow us to sit in meditation for longer periods without discomfort. The Yoga Sutra was written by Patanjali around the second century.

It allows the body and the mind, as well as the spirit, to be calm, and find balance. Many scholars would include the Goraksha Samhita by Gorakshanath of the 11th century in this list.

This page was last edited on 7 November 2020, at 19:53. [44][note 3]. Illustration of this principle is found in Hindu texts such as the, The raising and expansion of consciousness from oneself to being coextensive with everyone and everything. [153], The Yoga Yajnavalkya is a classical treatise on yoga attributed to the Vedic sage Yajnavalkya. "Yantra Yoga: The Tibetan Yoga of Movement" by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. [49], According to Crangle, some researchers have favoured a linear theory, which attempts "to interpret the origin and early development of Indian contemplative practices as a sequential growth from an Aryan genesis",[50][note 4] just like traditional Hinduism regards the Vedas to be the ultimate source of all spiritual knowledge. * Marek Jantos (2012), in Oxford Textbook of Spirituality in Healthcare (Editors: Mark Cobb et al. Yama in less of a literal sense, involves an individual being mindful of their integrity and how they decide to portray themselves and treat others. You must concentrate when practicing yoga. Many people are unsure how to treat others, and lack the self discipline to learn how fix this. Sharma and Sharma, Indian Political Thought, Atlantic Publishers. [223], The United Nations General Assembly established 21 June as "International Day of Yoga",[224][225][226] celebrated annually in India and around the world from 2015.

Memory Enhancement Methods For The Students, Stress Relief Through Alternative Medicine, Natural Remedies and its Effects on High Blood Pressure. The key idea that Niyama wants to portray is to create a healthy environment that will help an individual thrive within it. Patanjali's Yoga Sutras are widely regarded as the first compilation of the formal yoga philosophy. Nevertheless, the existence of accomplished Yogis in Vedic times cannot be doubted. Edited by William Theodore de Bary. Patanjali’s view on yoga is known as Raja Yoga. In Advaita Vedanta, Jñāna is attained on the basis of scripture (sruti) and one's guru and through a process of listening (sravana) to teachings, thinking and reflecting on them (manana) and finally meditating on these teachings (nididhyāsana) in order to realize their truth.

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