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If you want to see more menu, view all posts I've written on profile -. Join Hundreds of Collectors in Owning a Piece of PPG, Pop Price Guide to Expand Autographed Funko Pop! We’re a big believer in being able to proudly display your passions, so we’re happy to introduce our new Gallery page. KFC Delivery Menu & Info. Himiko Toga (Face Cover) with the character’s familiar mantra “Suck Suck Suck Suck.” This item […], This season has been devilishly delightful with a slew of haunted and terrifying (and some cute) new Pop! The 8-Piece Regular Bucket Meal on the KFC menu, the most popular choice, comes with a generous amount of chicken, rice, soft drinks, and fixins such as mashed potato, mushroom soup, coleslaw, and crispy fries. Known as Pop Price Guide user FJaviserr, Serrano has brought his vast knowledge and passion for Funko to PPG as a contributor. Thanks to our all-star volunteer squad, we once again dunked on our goal of 12,000 with more than 13,000 prices assigned! If you still have more questions about KFC or its menu, leave a comment below. There are a few different variations of the box with different combinations of side dishes, catering to KFC cravings of every type. The PPG guide is now home to more than 23,000 Funko items, as well as hundreds of thousands of price points. Making it a little difficult to keep up with their latest menu. Find a KFC Sign Up / Sign In. By recruiting local celebrities to promote the brand, KFC continues to capture the hearts of Filipinos not just through their food bust also through the integration of pop culture. If it's wrong, please let me know in comment box. Halloween figures this October. Plenty of food for only $10! Me: Francisco Javier Serrano and Victoria’s Frighteningly Big Collection, Round 2 is Open! We don't support landscape mode yet. 7 Bucks A Pop Brings Signature Series to Pop Price Guide Database Posted on October 22, 2020 (October 27, 2020) by Christopher Wuensch Clear a spot on your shelf because Pop Price Guide is proud to announce that 7 Bucks A Pop is bringing its “7BAP Signature Series” to the PPG database. We started by adding easy ones. Here’s a look at some of our favorite Pop! The bran… THE HARD WAY. START MY ORDER. What’s a Price Listing? The Streetwise Bucket Meal focuses more on the chicken and rice combo, with six pieces of chicken, three orders of rice, three soft drinks, and three side dishes or “fixins”. It’s a burger that has no bun and uses chicken fillets instead. Same but limited to 1,000   And gold and mega rare at […], Overview of your buyer tools, buyer feedback and past purchases, Customize how you organize your Collection, See the status of items you've made offers on, Read all about how hobbyDB works and get answers to your questions, Sell and manage your inventory on the marketplace, See all of your inventory that is currently listed for sale, List your items for sale on the marketplace, Keep track of all of the items that you’ve previously sold and list them again, See what buyers are saying about you as a seller, Get all of your selling questions answered, Access all the tools you need to contribute to the database, Add an item to the database with this easy form, Variant and subvariant existing database items, Select with listings you would like to assign, Assign sales that occured on 3rd party sites to database items to improve the Price Guide, Read all about how hobbydb works and get answers to your questions, There’s nothing that Francisco Javier Serrano and his daughter Victoria love more than a good fright. Add a large side to make a complete meal. We don't support landscape mode yet. Soda Figure Artist Proofs, maybe you got one?

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