mage of void powers

MAGE OF VOID: One who understands void. Interestingly, Void is sometimes considered the Fifth Classical Element (not to be confused with the Fifth Element), particularly in a universe that uses the Void Between the Worlds. Going on these facts, a Mage of Void would have understanding of secrets and obscurity. Yayy! A Mage is an Active Understanding class, it’s twin class being a Seer. Where it starts to get, Closely related to Void is the element of Harm, another, The half-dragon mage Nythera from the sister game, As with FFIII, Cloud of Darkness takes it one step further: She's the living, ravenous, nigh-unstoppable embodiment of. Minor themes of ignorance, secrecy, darkness and null. Glass Half Empty - The Mage spreads Void and the knowledge of Void around them. This might be the most Well i know people secrets and the people never see me im like a ghost.

Power wise a mage would be able to find information very easily. They can still crack jokes and have fun, even if it’s to hide their real emotions. Void is also associated with The Nameless One from, Void is the Japanese name for the Non-Elemental element in, The Violet Wisps from the Nintendo DS version of, The Twilight Deliverer is bad news, but the Twilight.

It can also absorb health every time you miss an attack. It can also be the result of a Yin-Yang Bomb, in which case it is equally likely to be found in the hands of someone more heroically inclined.

As Mages, these players will deny their aspect and will not like secrets or puzzles, they refuse their call and even if they know the thurth or the solution, they could not act to make it happen.

They could hide themselves in the void as well or turn invisible, and no one else could find them.


They know a lot about their aspect, as they are given knowledge of it from birth.

In Christian and Judaist thought, the primordial state of Universe was one of a chaotic void. Ask me to reblog posts about any specific classes, aspects, or titles. Mage of Void: One who Understands with Void or Understands Void. Besides secrets, they also have a knack of knowing where things are hidden. This person would know a lot of secrets, whether it be by everyone trusting them and just flat out telling the Mage their secrets or by just instantly knowing through God Tier powers. However, it depends how leveled the Mage is to see how successful this trick will be. It’ll be terrible because they won’t be expecting it and try to fight it while tears sparkle in their eyes from betrayal.

Void is one of the available elements for spells in Treasure of the Rudra .

Powers: A Mage of Void is literally the only player that actually understands their aspect. I love making SBurb planets for people so if you can just go do that for me that'd be great. That’s an interesting Title there, so without further ado. This person would know a lot of secrets, whether it be by everyone trusting them and just flat out telling the Mage their secrets or by just instantly knowing through God Tier powers. Mages understand This is mostly due to them discovering about the game which can lead to them climbing tiers quickly. Mages “Gain Knowledge through their Aspect,” which causes them to be the most knowledgeable of their aspect. Goku in the manga used this ability to defeat Fusion Zamasu, which only failed when the latter used Future Mai as a. grants a fraction of his Energy of Destruction to the leader of a team of assassins in an attempt to assassinate Goku and a resurrected Frieza. Invites knowledge of void, invites knowledge through void. Other skills include: making holes in walls, weak void portals, and the Maid/Page’s ability to be a chameleon. Inuyasha learned this the hard way. In Sburb, a Mage of Light would gather that information from elsewhere, perhaps Skaia or the consorts, or even a walkthrough like the one Rose left floating in the void, and act on what they know. Like making items appear out of nowhere! The anime later introduces us to Zen-O, the Omni-King of the Multiverse who like his fellow gods, has the power to erase anything he desires from existence. They would also have complete knowledge of the nothingness of something, so as they proceeded through the tiers they would gain Understanding of the hidden patches of knowledge. The Mage of Void always finds out, it’s in their nature. The Mage of Void would be difficult to get to know. They could literally cast a veil of obscurity over objects or people, or even cast them out into a voidy pocket-dimension.

Universe 9 was the first to lose and their universe and everything in it is promptly wiped out of existence. This power is most likely only usable after ascension. Some characters use the Power of Darkness to show off how cool they are. Mages “Gain Knowledge through their Aspect,” which causes them to be the most knowledgeable of their aspect. Somehow. There is a Starcraft/Star Wars crossover where Zeratul realizes that both the Light and Dark sides of the Force are the same psychic powers practiced by the Protoss (hence why Jedi are prone to falling to the Dark Side: without the Khala's discipline, they can't control it).

Just imagine the object, then take the “sheet” of nothingness off it and make it appear. A Mage is a very manipulative class, an example being, Meulin’s manipulating people to fulfill her ships.

Since Void is literally infinite emptiness, The Mage could spread hollowness and emptiness to their enemies. Each player in Sburb (including pre- or post-Scratch versions of players, due to ectobiology) has a mythological role (commonly called a classpect by fans) which consists of two components: a class and an aspect.

A part of the Mages in canon arcs are them getting their aspect temporally taken from themselves/dampened, as with Sollux being blinded (thus causing him to stop hearing the voices) and Meulin having her soul overshadowed by someone else’s (Kurloz) and so it could be said that this typically happens to all mages.

Examples of this include, Meulin Leijon’s extraordinary shipping powers, or Sollux Captor’s psychic ability to hear the voices of the doomed.

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