reasons to be in a relationship in your 20s

Being single during this fun time in your life gives you the space to find out what you can't — and can — live without. Yes we want love, but honestly, getting to the money should come first.

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However, in the back of my mind, I knew my intention was to jump back into another serious relationship because that’s how girls at 23 are programmed to think. She is a firm believer that what you think, is what you get. You have to be well equipped to take care of your needs first before you can be held accountable for anyone else’s needs. I was in a long term relationship in my 20’s for four and a half years.

There are doubts, questions and tears. I was in a serious relationship from ages 19-22. They just want something new and exciting. ANYHOO, where was I? This is also the time for you to pursue all of your secondary degrees.

People Change | Now I'm free, free falling. There is no reason that we should listen to you rant about how we need to use these years to selfishly experience our own life by ourself from people who couldn’t even keep their marriage in order. It’s imperative that you take the time to date yourself, and learn to love yourself more than anyone else ever can.

I’ll spare you the long-winded details, as this post is not meant to be a personal pity party, but it all started in college. I even got into fitness and nutrition during that period, not because I wanted to catch the next cutie who crossed my path, but because I learned to love my body with all its flaws, and wanted to treat it as my temple.

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