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The Lyon family’s troubles read like a greatest-hits compilation of deceit and despair: Lucious (Terrence Howard) is a former drug dealer battling ALS. Nearly every episode ends with a chorus of voices taunting, “Everybody hates Chris!” The show:Family Guy (FOX, 1999-present)The dysfunctional clan: The GriffinsHow dysfunctional are they? The show:Dallas (CBS, 1978-’91)The dysfunctional clan: The EwingsHow dysfunctional were they? TV Series, Family (Sorted by Popularity Ascending) View Mode: ... Canada and centered on a family getting through life together in both happy and trying times. The Drummonds/Jacksons (Diff'rent Strokes). Until finally, we find ourselves in a situation where we’ve broken into somebody’s house -- and the homeowner is home.”.

As quintessential depictions of family dysfunction amid the pre-counterculture, overly idealized version of 1960s suburbia go, Mad Men is like a John Cheever story come to life.

)How dysfunctional were they? Now that’s love. That’s pretty messed up! And that’s just the first season.

Right in the kisser!” Yet the irascible marriage of Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) and wife Alice (Audrey Meadows) seemed to thrive off its very cantankerousness. They’re hilarious, and so true-to-life! Dad was a doctor, Mom was a lawyer, funny antics always seemed to be happening. Here’s my list of the eight funniest cartoon families… enjoy! When your household is dominated by a crotchety old bigot like this, dysfunction is clearly the only way the family unit can function. The House of Lannister is, literally, the most royally screwed family on this list. When death -- be it that of your father (Richard Jenkins) or just the random dude you’re preparing for burial -- is a quotidian occurrence in your family, then yeah, your family is probably pretty messed up. Stars: Amber Marshall, Shaun Johnston, Graham Wardle, Michelle Morgan. However, Cersei also takes her cousin Lancel (Eugene Simon) as a lover for a spell -- until, that is, another one of her brothers, Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) discovers that Cersei and Lancel are sleeping together, at which point Tyrion forces Lancel into serving as his spy. Can you pick which family each of the following TV cartoon characters belongs to? The rest of the family compensates with all kinds of unhealthy internalizing and/or lashing out, from the self-destruction demonstrated by 20-year-old genius “Lip” (Jeremy Allen White) to Debbie’s (Emma Kenney) impatient quest to lose her virginity. Both parents worked blue collar jobs, the teenage daughter threw hormonal tantrums, and the two boys were always getting into trouble. Your family is truly defective, and your family name is truly ironic, because your life doesn’t stand one. Looking back on it now, I realize that Party of Five was extremely dramatic, maybe overly dramatic. 7 Awesome Characters Voiced by Seth MarFarlane ... 15 Best 👏 TV 📺 Dads 👨‍👧‍👦 of All 💯 Time ⏰ ... Barnes & Noble to Sell Simpson Book in Stores. From a business standpoint, the Mafia family headed by Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) runs like a well-oiled stripper pole at the Bada Bing! We’d loved watching their weekly animated series for a record-setting 21 seasons. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . The show:Revenge (ABC, 2011-’15)The dysfunctional clan: The GraysonsHow dysfunctional were they? The show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX/FXX, 2005-present)The dysfunctional clan: The ReynoldsHow dysfunctional are they? He also ends unwinnable arguments by blowing Bronx cheers in your face. Michael (Jason Bateman) may be a straightforward do-gooder (most of the time), but the rest of the Bluths are so nuts that their sitcom’s opening-credits sequence is actually dedicated to disentangling their familial chaos. In retaliation, oldest son Francis (Christopher Masterson) becomes arguably her biggest enemy, torturing her by marrying an Alaskan native named Piama (Emy Coligado) and pretending that he’s an unemployed ne’er-do-well. They loved each other and drove each other crazy all at once while making audiences laugh all along the way. Your mother is named Virginia Slims (Martha Plimpton), and the baby you didn’t know you fathered with a serial killer (Bijou Phillips) is named Princess Beyoncé. The show: Everybody Hates Chris (UPN/CW, 2005-’09)The dysfunctional clan: Chris and co. (They were sans appointed surname. The show: Malcolm in the Middle (FOX, 2000-’06)The dysfunctional clan: The Wilkersons (We think.) Meanwhile, wife Carmela (Edie Falco) strives to fabricate a facade of normalcy for her son A.J. The show was so great that recently Disney decided to add new members to the family by creating Girl meets world, which will tell the story of cory's daughter. But when the Huxtables or the Camdens take over your TV, sometimes it just works. The show:Married… with Children (FOX, 1987-’97)The dysfunctional clan: The BundysHow dysfunctional were they?

What the deuce? She writes mostly about TV and food, which is sort of like saying your beat is "Netflix and chill." Offering an odious rebuke of the picture-perfect families monopolizing the sitcom landscape, Married… with Children’s blue-collar Bundy family incurred the ire of the Parents Television Council, as the group declared it the least family friendly show on TV for both the 1995-’96 and ‘96-’97 seasons. The show: Mama’s Family (NBC/syndication, 1983-’90)The dysfunctional clan: The Harpers How dysfunctional were they? Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, even Grandpa and Marge’s sisters, Patty and Selma, make up the Simpsons family. When mom Lois (Jane Kaczmarek) isn’t busy shaving dad Hal’s (Bryan Cranston) furry back, she’s seemingly preoccupied with emasculating him and their sons. Later, Victoria had David’s daughter Amanda (Emily VanCamp) institutionalized by promising to ferry a steady stream of deep-pocketed clients to her court-appointed psychiatrist. The show: The Honeymooners (CBS, 1955-’56)The dysfunctional clan: The KramdensHow dysfunctional were they? Loved Arnold's (Gary Coleman) fast talking. The Flintstones became the first animated family series broadcast in prime time, a programming milestone that sent a definitive signal that cartoons — and cartoon families … It has a taste of The Incredibles but light and airy in thirty minute segments that are safe for the whole family.

Not even an analrapist like Tobias (David Cross) could sort this lot out. Definitely a sticky, icky situation. Gray) is so pissed at his dad that he sleeps with his ex-fiancee Anika (Grace Gealey). Any show whose very title parodies the cutesy-poo shenanigans and geriatric clowning of Everybody Loves Raymond is going to offer, by default, a bleaker (if just as funny) familial outlook. Father knows best? The show: Raising Hope (FOX, 2010-’14)The dysfunctional clan: The ChancesHow dysfunctional were they? Welcome to the modern-day template for the codependent relationship. Growing up in lower-class Brooklyn in the 1980s, Chris (Tyler James Williams, as co-creator Chris Rock’s ostensible doppleganger) can’t catch a break -- not from his loud and suspicious mom Rochelle (Tichina Arnold), his cheapskate workaholic pop Julius (Terry Crews), his underhanded younger sister Tonya (Imani Hakim), or his idolized brother Drew (Tequan Richmond). The show:The Sopranos (HBO, 1999-’07)The dysfunctional clan: The SopranosHow dysfunctional were they? Here are 7 most dysfunctional cartoon families ever shown on TV. The show: Gilmore Girls (WB/CW, 2000-’07)The dysfunctional clan: The Gilmores How dysfunctional were they? The show:Mad Men (AMC, 2007-’15)The dysfunctional clan: The DrapersHow dysfunctional were they? Congrats, Jimmy Chance (Lucas Neff)! Rose Maura Lorre is an American journalist living in Montreal whose own dysfunctional family makes The Osbournes look like The Andy Griffith Show. Tony’s a serial philanderer and tough-as-nails father who also personally offed his nephew Christopher (Michael Imperioli), as well as about a half-dozen other members of his mob. Best TV Families 33 items ranked. The show:Shameless (Showtime, 2011-present)The dysfunctional clan: The GallaghersHow dysfunctional are they? Most Popular reality TV Shows - previous toplist, Best Reality TV Competition Shows - next toplist, Click on up and down arrows to affect item's ranking, The Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie). How dysfunctional were they?

Didn’t everyone want to be a Cosby? The Finnertys were one of the most realistic families on TV. Good Witch - Netflix, 2 Seasons, TV-PG

The titular middle child of this sitcom’s ostensibly surname-less brood is both an off-the-charts genius and a relatively normal everykid compared to the screwballs who make up the rest of his overbearing family. by chaosBEE Plays Quiz Updated Jul 10, 2016 . this family of 5 had so much laughs,with the obnoxious and adventurous kids-often having fun with the pestos, tammy and her BFF Jocelyn, rudy and daryl, zeke, millie, harley, peter pescidero, jordan and lenny, courtney, angela, henry, Jodi, wayne, abby, 2 dottie Minervas, Julie and rupa, rosa and todd, candy, jenny, choo-choo, tiny peter, tommy, girl 3, Claire and Jacqueline, Kelly, Hogarth and Michael, Jeremy and danny, travis, Nicholas, jerry, and anita, and finally sophie. Just as Bugs Bunny has his catchphrase, Homer is known for his classic exclamation of frustration, "D'oh!" Eldest son Andre (Trai Byers) suffers from bipolar disorder. By the way, this is all just the backstory in place before Revenge’s first episode even aired. 7. As the Botwins’ chances at a normal life go up in smoke, Nancy’s two sons Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Shane (Alexander Gould) spliff -- sorry, split -- and relocate to Denmark once she’s finally sent to the slammer. Archie (Carroll O’Connor) neglects his attentive wife Edith (Jean Stapleton), throws around racial slurs, refers to his adult daughter Gloria (Sally Struthers) as “little girl,” and insists on calling his son-in-law Michael (Rob Reiner) Meathead. Here are 20 series -- … There’s drunk mom Lucille (Jessica Walter), treasonous pop George Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor), delusional illusionist Gob (Will Arnett), narcissistic sis Lindsay (Portia de Rossi), disturbingly childlike Buster (Tony Hale), and occasionally incesutous cousins George-Michael (Michael Cera) and Maeby (Alia Shawkat). Sorry Cookie, but God is definitely withholding his blessings from your brood. Popular Quizzes Today. The Fishers’ funeral-parlor business may have kept them living and working under one roof, but the fissures (hey!) I don’t watch a lot of television, only two or three hours per week, but I love cartoons. Click on up and down arrows to affect item's ranking Add item. It’s been said that Dallas creator David Jacobs patterned the Ewings after the mendacious Pollitt clan in Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, then set them up against the rival Barnes family, Romeo and Juliet–style.

You can find her on Twitter @rosemauralorre. When Victoria felt compelled to come clean, Conrad instead promised unlimited political donations to the prosecutor who got David sent to prison. Top 10 Best TV Families are especially marked. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Two years later, Homer and his family got their own show on Fox with "The Simpsons," which is still in production in 2018. As Tyrion might say, look at the fun we’re having!

Spoiler alert: It was his sister-in-law Kristin Shepard (Mary Crosby), who also happened to be pregnant with his baby. Here are 20 series -- be they comedic, dramatic, or animated -- whose dysfunctional kin have kept us laughing, crying, and cringing along with their rancor and strife. Family shows can be oh-so-boring. The show:Game of Thrones (HBO, 2011-present)The dysfunctional clan: The Lannisters How dysfunctional are they? It’s definitely not little Bobby, whose greatest transgression may be that he was played by, like, four different kid actors over the course of the show. Everyone’s got something to say about the other members. Every episode had a lesson woven into it. Especially cartoons made for grown-ups, with animated families! It’s hard to decide which member of the Draper family is most damaged: Philandering workaholic/alcoholic Don (Jon Hamm); emotionally frigid, depressed matriarch Betty (January Jones); or tempestuous, troublemaking daughter Sally (Kiernan Shipka).

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