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Everything you need to know about dividend investing and more.  We are not going to focus on the simple meagre returns most companies pay. While a big deal is made on how you might become rich one day, the fact remains that it takes decades to get there unless you are dealing with a decent sum of money.

Our goal is to turbo-charge dividend returns without taking on undue risk. The techniques we will use and implement carry the same risk one takes on when one purchases a stock and in many instances the risk might be even lower.  Thus for the risk averse investor this is a great way to generate returns that in many instances will match returns generation by speculating but without the added risk.


"Investing tactics was the exact combination of left and right brain I’d been searching for." Back when I last had to decide what to try to do with my life, I decided to follow my passion and pursue acting. Being realistic, it is a pretty volatile career path to choose, so I wanted to have something steady yet enjoyable on the side. I went to school for graphic design but jobs in that field didn’t quite fulfill me, they weren’t quite “left brain” enough. That’s when I decided I’d learn to invest, so I could balance the creativity of visual design with a more logical, intellectual challenge of investing – that’s why I went to Dividend Specialist, and then why I signed up for DS program.
Kelly Mulvihill
"I set my mind to it and decided nothing was going to stop me. In a very genuine way, at no point was failure on my list of options." I’ve always been the type of person whose mind is continuously racing with startup ideas. My wife is forced to act as the sounding board for all of my hair brained schemes, and I’m always sure to remind her when a startup is successful with “AN IDEA I THOUGHT OF AGES AGO!” At some point, I decided (she decided) if I wanted to stop talking and start doing, I’d need to learn to invest. When looking around online at the available options, I really wanted something hands-on and not just endless video tutorials. Divident specialist definitely fit the bill!
Sam Fellig
"Now that I know how to invest, I’m a better team leader and entrepreneur… it’s empowering." -Loren Robinson started Dividend Specialist - Ready to better understand the investing work her agency produced. What she found was transformative. - Hi, I’m Loren! I’m a small business owner, and I learned to invest through DS program. I’ve always been a geek, and I’ve known my way around computers for a long time, but until recently I only had basic coding skills. My marketing agency (Millennia Media, LLC.) offers website development as a service, and I have developers to do that work for us, but without a more robust coding background… I felt left out of the conversation. I wanted to learn more to be able to better manage and direct the developers, to understand the details - the possibilities and limitations - of what we might offer a client. That’s why I signed up for DS Program.
Loren Robinson